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FlowTasks is a framework for building human or business processes. We can define this type of processes or workflows like a collection of activities or tasks that some user has to do. A user in this case can be a real person or any automated system.

FlowTasks make easier to develop this type of applications.


In order to use FlowTasks you need:
  • .NET 4.5
  • Windows workflow foundation
  • Windows server AppFabric
  • SQL server 2008+


Check out some videos about FlowTasks. The videos are from version 0.7.
Sketch Part 1
Sketch Part 2



Desktop Home.png
Mobile Home.png
Desktop Followers.png
Mobile Profile.png
On the Home page you can find Topics the instant messenger for FlowTasks. You can send messages to all members or groups in your organization. You'll always be connected with all the people you need to get your job done.


Desktop Sketch.png
Sketch is an easy an intuitive workflow designer that all levels of the business can use to design process workflows. The developers can then load the workflow sketched by the business in Microsoft Visual Studio, and complete the development. This eliminates the communication gaps that sometimes exists between developers and other parts of the business and reduce the development time and effort of your process workflows.

Task list

Desktop Task List.png
The Task list has all the tasks that have been created and that are still not completed, assigned to the user logged in.


Desktop Report.png
Monitor you organization's workflows with a set of reports which allow you to fine-tune your business processes.


Desktop Dashboard.png
With the Dashboard you can manage all the workflows. Restart, terminate check the history and steps of a particular workflow.


Desktop Holiday.png
Holiday is a workflow to ask for holidays.

Get Started

First have a look at the Documentation, then start to play with the examples that you can find inside the project.


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